About me

Adventure, tenderness and passion.

The name Passionella already tells a lot about myself. I love adventure, both during our meetings and in my personal life. Fast cars and motorcycles trigger me and I get a rush every time I'm at the wheel. So I'm definitely not a kitten to be taken without gloves, but it doesn't always have to be fast or spicy. I like tenderness and passion. Making time for each other and discovering each other.

Triggering the right feeling in someone is very important. 

During our first meeting, therefore, I like to probe. A quiet and casual conversation to reassure and get to know each other. 

Do we both feel a click? Then I am completely yours and we forget everything around us. Then only you, me and your deepest desires count.

I love massages and find that this is often a pleasant way to break the ice. A warm physical first contact, where we both get in the right mood.

Are you also curious how it could be together? Check out my photos and book me for an appointment.

Did you get in the mood to meet up?